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Reaching for your phone?

To make me stronger in my faith I started a 30 days @YouVersion(Bibleapp) program called “Stay Fit: Strengthening your connection to Jesus”. This is the sixth or seventh day (how I lost count already :)). The text I used is:”Forgo the urge to reach for your phone, instead reach out for Him”.

God has been trying to get your attention. Why? Because he wants something for you. He wants you to have a relationship with him. Ultimately, God wants you to love him and trust him every moment of every day. God wants you to follow him. He wants to use you in people’s lives and do things through you—things you could not do on your own. But in order for you to experience this, you have to stay close to him. God is never far from you. In order to feel close to him, you have to continually grow your relationship with him. 

I want to talk about this also in the International Biblejournaling/Scraptherapy session I give this week (Wednesday 8PM UTC+2) via Zoom, please join us, you are very welcome. Pop your e-mailadres here and I will send you the Zoom-invite!


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